SCU Servo Controller

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SCU RC servo control unit,

SCU Servo Controller

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RC servo control unit,

This product is fully programmable, can handle up to 18 input channels PPM, SBUS, DBUS (DJI), has 8 servo pwm outputs, 4 switching outputs up to 10 Amps, SBUS out, PPM out and full control for sony cameras like on/off, zoom in/out, focus, shutter and rec.
All channels can be configured and joysticks can have different programmable functions during operations.
For example you can make from a 8 channel remote a 16 channel remote by switching 1 channel all other channels can be reassigned to different functions while the first 8 channels freeze.
Raw channel values can be interpolated by 8 2d graphs. To operate your model smooth or quick.

-SBUS, DBUS (DJI), PPM input 
-8x Channel interpolation by a 2D graph
-16x Configurable events
-Logic port operations inverted or non inverted with or without delay.
-1x SBUS output
-1x PPM output
-8x servo outputs
-4x switching outputs
-1x sony camera full control by multi terminal or different brands focus and shutter control

Whats included in the package:
-Servo Control Unit PCB
-USB Communication Cable
-Free upgradable firmware also new releases
-Configuration software
-E-mail support

Whats optional:
-Sony multi terminal cable

Whats needed a remote controler and reciever and gadgets to control, Servos, lights, Cameras, Pumps, Motors, Valves, flightcontrolers, gimbals etc...

Enjoy this product, and make your model multifunctional

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